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Terri Joe

Let the Devil try me, try me. I'ma kill his whole motherfuckin' family. And I ain't playin' with nobody. Fuck around and I'ma catch your body... of Christ!

Terri Joe

Theresa Josephine "Terri Joe" Marie Fortenberry (July 4th, 2002–June 29th, 2023; resurrected on June 30th, 2023) is a fictional character portrayed by social media personality, Kelon Campbell, better known as Psyiconic, originating on TikTok. She is a devout Southern Christian woman and self-proclaimed “God Warrior”, known for her strong prejudice against black and queer people. Terri spends her time on TikTok Live engaging in various activities, including flirtatious interactions with her fellow online streamer, participating in back-and-forth roast sessions, and engaging in character-driven dialogues.[2] She is the cousin of Jeorgia Peach and Amethyst Jade, as well as a distant relative of Amoura Rose. The character was conceived and developed by Campbell, who drew inspiration for her mannerisms and personality from the American fantasy horror drama series, "True Blood."[2]

Campbell's character gained the notice of mainstream media in 2023 from engaging in livestreams with prominent figures such as with Doja Cat, Madonna, Hunter Schafer, Bob the Drag Queen, Baby Tate, and catching the attention of Ziwe Fumudoh and Lizzo.[3] In addition to making an appearance with Lil Nas X.[4] She was a guest on the h3 Podcast[5] and Just Trish Podcast.[6] She had a photoshoot at a church with Paper Mag where she married Jesus Christ.[3]

Early Life[]

Teresa Josephine Marie Fortenberry was born in Bon Temps, Louisiana, United States. She is the first of two children of Cletus Ray Fortenberry and Tamara Lynn Fortenberry, who are of the white ethnicity . Maternally, she is also a quarter or less African American, due to her great-grandfather, Leviticus Joe, whom is also her namesake, copulating with a black woman. Terri has noted that the name "Joe" has a generational pattern within her family. Her brother is homosexual and attended a conversion camp.

Terri spent her childhood in Bon Temps and was affectionately called "Peanut." She was brought up Christian in the Fellowship of the Sun. She attended the "School of Jesus Christ and the Light of Truth, and Lutheren and Devils, and Jesus and Shit." In the ninth grade, she tried out for the girl's football team, but due to her being larger than the other girls, they put her on the boy's football team, claiming that as the reason why her back and shoulders are so prominent.

Personal Life[]

Terri Joe currently lives with her widowed mother.

Terri got shot in both kneecaps at a pride parade stemming from protests against homosexuality in New Orleans by two African American queer homosexual individuals driving a pink G-Wagon belonging to Trisha Paytas. It is said that Terri left the parade permanently disabled as her assailants sped away from the scene. Additionally, after Terri Joe was attacked by Trisha Paytas in another criminal incident, the car for which was allegedly sold as scrap metal for money. Terri claims she was also hit by someone driving a pink Lambo, later identified as Jeffree Star because they had said “Hi, how are ya?”.

During the holidays and near the end of her livestreams, Terri has been observed rising from her wheelchair to do her routine dances. Terri credits her occasional ability to walk to her faith in Jesus and the help of her supporters. Some doubts have surfaced about the necessity of her wheelchair, with suggestions that financial incentives may be influencing her decision to continue using it. Terri mentions that her mother discourages her from giving up the wheelchair, hinting at possible motives related to financial aid they receive.

In June 2022, her father passed away. According to Terri via her mother, Cleatus went to Fangtasia, a vampire bar in Shreveport. He was in the men’s restroom and was using a glory hole when a male vampire “blew his backside out” and ruptured his insides. He began bleeding internally and was rushed to the hospital, but he died before Terri and Tamara could get there. Tamara recalls that she could smell his insides from the back because they were torn out. His funeral was held a day later, as Tamara wanted to hurry and bury him before he woke up as a vampire. Since Terri and her mother couldn't afford much of a plot, they buried him in the backyard on top of Terri’s uncle, Randy. There was no time for friends and family to say their goodbyes. At the funeral, Terri sang The Blackest Dayby Lana Del Rey. Terri claimed that she has never seen her mother cry, even at her father's funeral, Tamara was laughing at his funeral. Terri kept her father's testicles in a jar. Terri seemed to have held her father in high regard before he died, but after she found out that he was a homosexual, she seems to no longer hold him in high regard and only speaks negatively of him. Despite this change, it is evident that her father held a significant place in her life, as she expresses profound feelings of loneliness following his passing.

On June 13, 2023, Terri revealed that she lost her pinky finger in a freak accident involving an alligator in rural Louisiana. When the alligator lunged at her mother, Terri heroically punched the reptile in the mouth. When yanking her hand back, the alligator severed the pinky finger on her right hand. Terri was rushed to the hospital and described herself as being near death due to blood loss, citing poor blood clotting as a result of her diabetes diagnosis. A miracle doctor was able to stitch T is a disliked recurring enemy of Terri Joe.

Kidnapping of Terri Joe[]

Terri Joe was abducted in June 2023 during a police chase while driving a car recovered from the Mississippi River. She was eventually apprehended by the police. Terri was confined in the trunk of a black escalade and transported to a dungeon. Subsequently, she appeared on TikTok Live visibly distressed, crying in a basement with red tape over her mouth, as a robotic voice said, "If you want to see this red neck Hillbilly alive, you will pay the ransom or else." On July 7th, 2022, Teri broadcasted live from her residence with a black eye, attributing it to a fall against a cupboard. Throughout the live stream, various songs by Doja Cat played, while Terri repeatedly encouraged viewers to "stream Doja Cat." Viewers observed "help" scrawled in red on the wall, and Terri exhibited signs of discomfort, implying potential coercion from someone off-camera. The live stream abruptly concluded following an interaction with an individual behind the camera.



Tianna was Terri’s best friend stationed in South Korea. Tianna occasionally flirts with all of Terri’s current and former partners. Tianna has also recently stabbed Terri Joe in self-defense, as Terri tried to put her vaginal fluids on her.


Victoria was the God of the Terriverse. She fell from grace when Terri Joe used her powers given to her by Jesus Christ to cast Victoria into the mortal coil. She now spends her time in TikTok Live, trying to regain her powers to plot revenge against Terri Joe and be the reigning supreme of the Terriverse.


Demi and Terri Joe have gone online on occasions, sometimes roasting each other and usually Demi ends up reading Terri, to the point where Terri breaks character, such as Terri saying, "My body is wonderland”, and Demi then says, "Your body is candyland bitch, you have diabetes.".


Terry Joe roasts Madonna. She tolds her that her father is like 300 years old and Madonna tells Terry whose Terry Joe. Terri Joe replies with "You're fucking killer", then she stabs Madonna twenty-seven times.

Lil Nas X[]



She started a relationship with Jonatan "Johnny" Montanez on June 29th, 2022. It was apparently successful. Terri later described the relationship with Montanez; "[Johnny] is the type of Christian man I was looking for to get married and be his woman." As time went on, Terri Joe was seen starting to flirt with other men, while Johnny sent 'feet pics' to other women. Nonetheless, the couple got engaged on July 8th, 2022, when Montanez proposed to her with a bubblegum machine ring. While she accepted, immediately after they started arguing about their "flings" with other people (including Joe's supposed love affair with Tyler De Vita). Terri later denied her engagement to other men (while confirming it only to women), which became a source of suspicion for a supposed 'break up' with Johnny, while Montanez insisted their relationship was still on, explaining that they were just going through 'rough times'. This went on for some time, and Johnny and Terri officially split once she confirmed her relationship with Tyler. Frustrated with Terri, Johnny played a slideshow with pictures of her with crosses over her eyes. This was seen as "creepy" behavior and something akin to "Joe from You" by fans.


Tyler, a gym TikTok influencer and occasional bum fluff cultivator, is Terri Joe's long-term partner. They met in 2022 and both started heavily flirting; hence rumors of a supposed love affair circulated on TikTok's 'For You' page. Tyler often says they have "seven and a half children," stating that the "half" child was born as a result of an affair, but he loves them anyway. Tyler is largely oblivious to Terri's flirtatious nature and is confident in her loyalty. On July 12th, 2022, Terri Joe & Tyler De Vita confirmed their love relationship, stating that it had been going on "for a while." Terri said during a TikTok Live: "You know, [Tyler], you are a real man, the man I was looking for. Someone who can handle me and is not obsessive and controlling like other men." (a possible dig toward Johnny). Thus, making official her separation from Jonathan "Johnny" Montanez and the end of their engagement.

On December 21, 2022, Terri and Tyler got into an argument during a TikTok Live. During this argument, Terri stated, "We were supposed to get married the same day that we met. We met months ago. I don't think it's gonna happen. If it [didn't happen] then, it won't happen now." After this, she exposed a picture of what allegedly was Tyler and another man (who Tyler claimed was Johnny) getting "close" in the gym together. Shortly after this argument ended, Terri was asked who Tyler was. Her response was: "A homosexual... He's my ex. He just don't know it yet." The relationship status of the couple is yet to be confirmed.


Since April 2022, Terri Joe has been flirting with another man named Alex Cheap. However, she stopped flirting with him as often when he started dating her cousin Jeorgia Peach. However, since her relationship problems with Tyler began to surface and the end of Alex and Jeorgia Peach's relationship became public knowledge, Terri Joe has restarted her flirtation with Alex Cheap. The two of them haven't made it official, but it is obvious that they are in the beginning stages of a relationship. Although Alex is also on Amethyst's radar. Due to situations between Alex and many members of the Terriverse, he is seemingly blacklisted from the lives.


Doja Cat[]

Doja Cat and Teri Joe grew up together and are godsisters. According to Terri's cousin, Jeorgia, after Doja became famous and hot, she hated her because she believed she was a sinner. Terri Joe claims she assaulted her, which is why she needs a wheelchair. In order to get back at Doja Cat, Terri Joe aborted Doja's baby (coat hanger style). Doja Cat has since attempted to run Terri over four times and is still holding a grudge.

Health Issues[]

On March 28th 2024 Terri Joe revealed that she has an autoimmune disease that periodically leads to excessive urinary incontinence.


Music videos[]

Year Title Artist(s) Role
2023 One Margarita (Saucy Remix) That Chick Angel, CasaDi, & Steve Terrell featuring Saucy Santana Herself (as a Mexican resturant waitress)
2023 Canceled (Remix) LARRAY featuring Twaimz Herself


On October 10th 2023, Terri Joe along with Keke Palmer, Victoria Monét, Summer Walker, Jeorgia Peach and Kelon Campbell were featured in an advertisment on the rebrand of the Spotify RNB X Playlist.[7]

Photo Gallery[]


  • Terri’s mother sews all her dresses that she wears out of the house’s curtains.
  • She has gone through a couple of iterations of her iconic cross necklace.
  • Terri Joe claims she was also hit by someone driving a pink Lambo, later identified as Jeffree Star because they had said “HI HOW ARE YA!”.
  • Madonna is seen wearing Terri’s merchandise on an October 27th live.
  • Madonna sent Terri Balenciaga sunglasses.
  • Terri has even been acknowledged by celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Lizzo on Twitter and TikTok.
  • The story of Terri Joe is based on Charlaine Harris’ book series “The Southern Vampire Books” which takes place in Bon Temps, a town in the fictitious parish of Renard. It could also be based off of the book’s TV adaptation “True Blood”.
    • Her namesake might be the character Terry Bellefleur, who was born and raised in Bon Temps.
    • Her surname comes from the Fortenberry family in the story, also from Bon Temps.
  • Terri Joe supposedly has two cats, one real one named Chlamydia Junior, and “Bernice” which refers to the act of being “Blessed by Bernice.”
    • She revealed on January 26th, 2023, that her mother sat on Chlamydia Junior, which caused the feline to "blow into bits", and she now has a framed picture of it in her background.
  • Terri seems to have a strange relationship with whales, as when she is shown a video of one, she begins to get dizzy, and then collapses, much like Wendy Williams did while she wore her famous Statue of Liberty costume.
  • Terri can speak English and Spanish.
  • Terri Joe’s hair is able to grow to back from bald within the span of a single day, thus she cuts her hair every day.
  • From a hole in her glove and not washing her hands, Terri Joe accidentally impregnated herself with horse semen from a horse on her property. She later had to terminate the pregnancy.
  • While Terri Joe has mentioned being from the fictional "Bon Temps" Louisiana, she claimed in an early 2022 live that she was from Mobile, Alabama.
  • Tianna confirmed that Terri Joe once got locked in a Popeyes foyer when she fell asleep on her back.
  • Terri has claimed that she has to sit in a wheelchair but has never given proof when asked. She also lifts her leg up multiple times.
  • Her favorite songs include “Rain” by Evan Papier, “Jesus Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood, “Hosanna” by Hillsong, and “I Love You Jesus” written by Terri Joe and performed by Trisha Paytas.
  • It can be assumed that Terri named her vagina Bernice possibly after her deceased grandmother or Jeorgia's mother whose last name is also Bernice.
  • Terri Joe owns a snapping turtle named 'Murphy Marie'. Even though the turtle is a male, Terri refers to it as Marie. It was rescued by Terri herself.
  • Terri is a legendary ballroom FQ performer for the Legendary and iconic house of ebony.
  • Terri has said that she tried to get with a proud boy in her neighborhood but found out that he was married and tried to push his wife down the stairs, presumably to kill her.
  • Terri has a daughter named Crustacea, which is a crawl dad.
  • Terri has a cat named Kupid.